By Malebo_Moloto1To my knowledge, I have never met Malebo Moloto; and yet I have. I first came across Malebo while sitting in my bedroom at home listening to the Christian radio station, Impact Radio (103 FM). It was a spur of the moment thing. I don't know why because lately, I rarely turn on the radio.

I heard her talk about her blog and thought "mmh, let me check it out". As I read, I believe that is where we truly met. Without faces, touch or sight, her words have a way of painting a picture that is deciphered by the South African woman.

In the one blog, she wrote about how as South African women, we are often sworn at or belittled by men while just trying to do that which we need to do; like going to the shop, work and so forth. It is something we know too well, but few people ever talk about it. We accept it and continue as best we can to move on.

Somewhere in the writing, she lost me. This was not out of boredom, but rather because of her skillful writing that relocates the reader from the blog to a portal where you feel like you are walking in the street, smelling the mango juice in your hand while ducking a water puddle you almost stepped into.

I remember thinking hey, I have also done the "ring finger" scare-off attempt (to try and get rude guys not to notice you) and that it also did not work. You realize that you are no longer just reading and reflecting, but are engaging with her writing on a deeper level.

At times, her words came across as a little harsh, but one can't help but to appreciate her sincerity. Even though I have recently just started exploring her blog (read one article); from the little bit I read, I have bookmarked it and am sure to return to the blog soon.

Most cherished Wedding Anthem readers from all corners of the globe, I am so glad to feature a fellow blogger whose writing tells a story worth hearing. This is what she has to say for herself…

In one sentence, who is Malebo?
I'm a woman who loves God, a daughter, friend, sister and one who wears her heart on her sleeve.

Briefly, please tell our readers a little bit about you…
I'm a tax consultant by profession and my heart and passion is in writing as well. I run my own blog called "Thinking out loud" and my writing has been featured on "Women Set Apart" which is a ministry for young women and is based in the UK. It is primarily an online ministry that reaches women with the purpose of sharing Christ and restoring lives.

Can you please tell your fans what you have been up to and/or what's next?
I've been really busy with my writing and growing my writing space and I'm currently involved in a number of projects including "The True Legacy of Beauty". It's a movement to inspire young men and women in all walks of life. I am very excited about that.

How do you find a balance between what you do and who you are?
I am not defined by my profession so I always make time for myself which is where my writing comes in. I've found that with my writing, that is the space where I can be myself and express all that is going on around me and it's been place for growth. I make time for quiet moments and I definitely make time for my family and friends

We celebrate love. Do you think true love exists? If so, Who/what/where is it?
I definitely think true love exists. To me it's a full serving, an absolute. Where in love, all things are complete. The perfect place to learn about love is from the Author, He who gives love. It is in God where we see and learn what love is and we are to then share it with others.

Do you think there is still a place for marriage in this day-and-age?
I definitely believe there is a place for marriage in today's age. I think it's about all of us being a selfless generation and being driven by love in all we do.

Do you have a message to Wedding Anthem?
Thank you for all you do, for reaching out and continuing to empower and inspire people in their everyday lives.

It’s a pleasure. In fact, it is you we thank for your continued support. Any last thoughts?
I'm a Rhodes University graduate with many passions. When I'm not teaching Sunday school, I'm writing and I love being surrounded by my family and friends as they inspire me and constantly teach me. I use my writing as a way of speaking on behalf of those who feel they can't and am inspired by those around me and what is happening. I believe in the power of words and the work they can do to bring healing, change and dialogue on important social and personal issues going on.

* Photo by Malebo Moloto.

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0 # Happy Nkomo 2014-11-25 03:24
Malebo, you are such an inspiration! :-)
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0 # Palesa Lesedi 2014-10-28 18:32
Realeboga Malebo! Wadibusa sesi :-)
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0 # Sandy L. 2014-10-17 11:58
Phindiwe, thanks for another awesome article. You make me want to start blogging. I love the way you write. As for your featured guest, she is truly talented too. Malebo keep up the interesting blog! ;-)
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0 # Phindiwe Nkosi 2014-11-25 03:23
Hi Sandy L! Thank you so much for your feedback and being part of this blog. I look forward to reading your new blog ;-)
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