Maredi Morema1If ever I wrote a blog, this is it. All that I think blogging is and ought to be, I hope to incorporate in this piece of writing because I am writing about a fellow Wedding Anthem devotions blogger, Maredi Morema. I don’t know where to start…

Maredi is like a brother to me. He prays unceasingly and is relentless in his heart of worship set on God. So many times, I forgot to upload his blogs, yet like now, he never stops believing and encouraging others, even when wronged. Even without publicity and fame, Maredi still wrote devotions. He did not start on this platform; I found him well watered and running with his devotions on a Facebook group. He preaches and works hard. Just today, we were sharing about going through trying times. Even though he is going through fire – for some time now – he replied with a prayer. He prayed for me as though he was standing in the gap for me before our Father.

In as much as this blog/website generates hundreds of thousands of hits each month; no one has ever pressed the “donate” button (top left corner) and actually donated something, anything. Even though the bloggers and I don’t do this for a price tag – because the celebration of true love has value beyond monetary terms – the reality is that it costs heart, time and money to run a blog as this with its offerings to not just Africans, but the rest of the world.

There were times I sent Maredi a message questioning the validity of the blog because it cost me to run the blog for years. Each time, he would pray and tell me not to dare give up. When I wanted to quit, he was one of those who would send me an encouraging verse and press me to pursue my dream.

Wedding Anthem is my dream, passion and expresses my love for the true love I found in Christ Jesus who loved an unlovable, lost, petite Zulu girl. It now has a heartbeat of its own.

I am so grateful to Maredi for his steadfastness to God. Having him as part of the team makes all the difference. I cannot reiterate the blessing of having team players who believe in the vision and even add to it. Instead of pushing him, he pushes me and challenges me to keep at it. When tired, he steps in and uplifts us with devotions showing the great awesomeness of God and that God is completely able and in control. Instead of shouting close down, his visionary eyes declare expand in haste! Make room for greater territory. It is time to take ground.

I wish him the very best of heaven.

Dearest readers from our home in Africa and homes across the waters that we have yet to see; please welcome Maredi Morema into your hearts. Pray for him, invite him to your functions as a motivational speaker, hear his story – he has a story to tell. Please give him a job writing devotions for your publication and/or sharing them with you. Encourage him with comments, offerings and sharing his blogs. Tweets and retweets or Facebook likes also go a long way.

He is a volunteer, a father, a child of God. Help me show him our support and appreciation! He is in urgent need of a sound system or means to help him obtain it. Please contact him directly only if God imprints it in your heart.

In one sentence, who is Maredi?
Maredi is an ambitious young man who loves God, the Word of God, living and preaching about God.

Briefly, please tell our readers a little bit about you…
I am an evangelist, a preacher, spiritual coach, father, uncle, brother, friend, human development consultant and entrepreneur. I am passionate about empowering, motivating, inspiring and making a difference in people's lives.

I love reading motivational and inspirational books. I am currently finishing Conversations with God (book two) by Neale Donald Walsch and will start book three shortly thereafter. I love spending time with my son, my family and going out with friends.

Can you please tell your fans what you have been up to and/or what's next?
Beside the fact that I am preparing for my exams, I am rebuilding my brand and my life. What's next is launching my ministry soon. Watch this space!!!

How do you find a balance between what you do and who you are?
It’s a challenge to separate the two. I would still prefer to talk to my boys (friends) as have them call me as such, but sometimes they address me as pastor instead of boy or mfana.

I just want to be a dad to Lesego, but sometimes when I am invited to preach somewhere and they ask him who am I, he will say "ke moruti" (it’s pastor) instead of dad.

We celebrate love. Do you think true love exists? If so, Who/what/where is it?

A big yes... True love definitely exists. To me, we practise and experience it when relating to our kids, parents, nephews, nieces and friends. My parents are celebrating 41 years of a marriage founded on true love.

I am sure they aren't always agreeing on certain issues, but I have never seen or heard them disagreeing or fighting in front of us. I am not saying they are the best couple, but they love each other too much to easily let go.

I believe it’s TRUE Love, Respect, forgiveness and honesty that sustained them. It’s beautiful and inspiring to just watch them grow old together. I would love to grow old with someone very special to me and just watch our kids and grandkids making us proud.

Do you think there is still a place for marriage in this day-and-age?
Definite yes… I believe every Adam has his Eve somewhere. Don't even bother to go searching for her… Just wait for the will of God to take its course.

Do you have a message to Wedding Anthem?
Please continue showing the world that true love still exist. We all need love, to love or to be loved.

Thank you Maredi for those words and your devotional blogs that mean so much to all of us. Anything else on your mind in closure?
I would rather lose some people in my life than lose who I am in Christ. That’s my personal motto.

* Photo supplied by Maredi Morema.

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+1 # Happy Nkomo 2014-11-25 03:26
Brother Morema, you have no right to give up. Your season is come. You have sowed so much, it is reaping season. In the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
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+2 # Prudence 2014-10-29 07:37
hi dear brother. all I can say is, I am proud of you. God will never fail you, keep on keeping on. When you are done with your process, you will come out as gold...
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+2 # Sandy L. 2014-10-28 18:30
Ntate Morema, kealeboga. Your devotions are so encouraging! Thank you very much for your heart and dedication. I love this blog and believe in it as well. I was at the verge of divorce, but bumped into it and everything changed.
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