Maredi Morema2The love-bug bit our Wedding Anthem columnist, Maredi Morema!

He (Maredi) said:

The very first time I saw Salome, a couple of months ago, my whole being which is my soul, mind and heart agreed that this is the one. The lady I will love, cherish and marry. I didn't know her then. I had never seen her before, but it was somehow confirmed that she's it. Eish matters of the heart…

Heaven approved and things started to fall into place. At the risk of sounding clichéd, the rest is history. I’m not the type of a guy who searches for gold and when I find it, put it under the soil behind me and continue digging and searching.

She’s pure gold, the flower of my heart worthy to be treasured. I think I now know why the singer Beyoncé said that if you really love something you must “put a ring on it." I have put my temporary ring on her finger (paid lobola) and I can't wait to make it permanent at our white wedding celebrations. I am so excited to do that!

I am so excited that I am getting married to the one my heart loves. She’s the flower of my heart, the woman who captured my heart out of all the others in the world. The one whose love I cannot live without… I found a woman who embodies the virtuous wife of Proverbs 31 and I can't live without her love.

She (Salome) said:

It was not that long ago when one of my family members said "nowadays there are no men who show tender care, those men are no longer existing. They ended with our generation…”

I can now say she was wrong because as I am speaking to you, God has blessed me with a handsome, lovable and loving, tender caring and anointed husband. I am talking about a man who fears the LORD. The one that God has favored me with. One whom I am happy to be called by his surname.

I bless the LORD for such a wonderful gift. I swear that I will keep him happy and clean until God comes to take us to be together forever because in all truth, we are one.

The Book of Genesis 2:24 says that a man shall leave his parents and live with his wife: and they shall be one. So, I am the flesh of my husband's flesh and we are one. I love him the way I love myself.

Photo supplied by Maredi Morema.

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+1 # Prudence 2015-12-15 14:13
:-) Few days before the big day, we will be doing step samshado.
Lovely article, we wish him the very best Heaven has to offer.
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